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FibeAir IP20F [CCRP] - Ceragon Certified Rollout Professional

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SR-0958-0 IP20F



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Upon completion of this course the participants will know:

  1. General safety rules and guidelines
  2. General security guidelines
  3. General heavy objects stacking and hoisting guidelines
  4. General safety when using radio/microwave equipment, tools & power tools.
  5. Safety rules for operating at high altitudes
  6. General understanding of electrical currents.
  7. Understanding general safety rules involved in the installation and commissioning of a link.
  8. All the elements and equipment involved in an installation and commissioning procedure.
  9. Rules of transportation, handling and hoisting for installation of Ceragon equipment.
  10. The principles of operating Ceragon devices and radio antennas.
  11. How to recognize the various types of installation: direct mount, split mount, full outdoor, full indoor and learning to perform all these types of hardware installation accordingly.
  12. How to correctly install and align third party antennas used by Ceragon.
  13. All the cables and connectors for complete installation.
  14. How to install links in accordance with an RF plan and Acceptance documentation.
  15. How to perform initial setup of the equipment: connecting to device, finding and changing the device’s IP and configuring the radio parameters (s.a. RSL, MSE, XPIC, interface configuration) and management (in-band and out-of-band management).
  16. How to setup a basic service to enable traffic passing through the link.
  17. How to perform periodic and preventive field maintenance

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