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IP-50E [CCSA] Ceragon Certified Support Associate

Part number
SR-0961-0 IP-50E


Ceragon Certified Support Associate [CCSA] for FibeAir®IP-50E

The [CCSA] Certification attests that the participants have successfully passed the evaluation and gained the skills and knowledge to perform Basic Installation, Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance on the respective Ceragon FibeAir® IP-50 products.

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Download this course syllabus here.

Upon completion of this course the participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the microwave networks radio interface principles and parameters;
  2. Recognize the benefits and values of the IP-50E platform; FibeAIr IP-50E Product Overview;
  3. Know about the FibeAir IP-50E product features and aplication scenarios;
  4. Understand the FibeAir IP-50E system configurations;
  5. Perform installations and commissioning of the IP-50E;
  6. Understand the MEF Service Model and the FibeAir Services capabilities. 
  7. Configure Services and advanced radio and networking features;
  8. Perform configuration and software management;
  9. Execute performance management;
  10. Troubleshooting & Preventive maintenance.

Program duration: Learning Materials (8.5 hours) + Certification Exam (1.5 Hours)

Note: The students enrollment will be performed within 1 business day

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