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e-Ceragon system and technology overview

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Ceragon system and technology overview

General overview of: Ceragon MW solutions, Radio, Network, Product

Download the Course Syllabus here.

Upon completion of this course the participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the Ceragon Values and FibeAir IP-20 platform benefits;
  2. Explain the background and architecture of digital transmission networks;
  3. Describe the Microwave Networks radio interface principles and parameters;
  4. Introduce the Networking principles and relevant protocols (such as PDH, SDH, Ethernet,  Spanning Tree Protocol with its variants, Ethernet Ring Protection Switching);
  5. Describe the MEF Service Model;
  6. Introduce TDM Pseudowire Solution;
  7. Describe Synchronization Solutions;
  8. Detail the Ceragon’s FibeAir IP-20 Portfolio;

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