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5G Essentials for Business Leaders

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5G Essential for Business Leaders


1 to 1.5 days Course !

The 5G Essentials for Business Leaders is a theoretical fundamentals course that aims to provide you with an understanding of the 5G use cases, new business opportunities and challenges, explaining you the fundamentals, principles, requirements and implementation solutions.

Download the Course Syllabus here.

Upon completion of this course the participants will be able to:

1. Understand what 5G means, what are the opportunities, use cases and challenges
2. Know the evolution of the cellular generations leading to 5G
3. Understand the 5G requirements and ecosystem
4. Explain the architecture and principles of 5G networks
5. Introduce the Ceragon IP-50 Portfolio | Disaggregated solutions
6. Know how to implement Ceragon products in 5G Networks | Implementation Use Cases
7. Understand the key features to support the 5G requirements
Note: The students enrollment will be performed within 1 business day
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